Question: “Do I have to be 21 to visit the park?”

Answer: “Absolutely not!  StreetFare SA is open to the public, all ages are welcome! However, proof of age will be required if ordering any alcohol from our Airstream Bar.”


Question: “Does my dog need to be on a leash at the park?
Answer: “Yes, all dogs must remain on a leash at all times when visiting StreetFare SA.”


Question: “What kind of food will I find at StreetFare SA?”
Answer: “It’s our goal to keep our lineup fresh and interesting every day!  When you come visit us on Monday, chances are when you come back on Friday there will be new choices! Check our website for our scheduled trucks!”


Question: “I have a food truck, how can I rent a space?”

Answer: “Visit our website and look for the “I HAVE A TRUCK” tab.  You can submit a booking request and StreetFare SA will contact you right away!”


Question: “Can I bring in my own alcohol?”

Answer: “Unfortunately no.  However, we have a gorgeous Airstream trailer that houses our beer and wine bar and it’s staffed with super-friendly folks!”


Question: “Who can I talk to about a business related donation?”

Answer: “Visit our website and look for the “Contact Us” tab.  You can email your request to management there!”


Question: “Can I smoke at the park?”

Answer: “We do have a designated smoking area, but most of our park is smoke free.”


Question: “What is there to keep my kids busy?”

Answer: “We have a huge play set to keep the kids busy, and lots of cold beverages available just for them!”


Question: “Do you show sporting events?
Answer: “You know it!  We will feature all of the big games on our flat screens located in our pavilion.”


Question: “Do you accept credit / debit cards?”
Answer: “Absolutely!”